About the Museum


February 28,2016


A short time ago, while enrolled in the Museum Studies Program at Harvard, I had the idea to create an online museum about the ship my father Ralph Peck was on during World War II. The USS Canberra was a heavy cruiser in the United States Navy. My father gave me a few items he kept from those days and always spoke with pride about his service. This made me wonder … do other families have similar collections, and would they like to share them?

This online museum is dedicated to all the servicemen that served on this ship. It is a work in progress that will slowly come together as I receive images and develop exhibits. If anyone has images of people, the ship, or documents etc., and would like to see them on this website, please contact me.

I’d like to send a special thank you to Ken Minick (CAG-2) from the USS Canberra Reunion Association for sending me several hundred images… they will be added to the collection on the museum website.

Thank you vor visiting this site and I hope you check back from time to time to see the progress.


Gordon Peck