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2016.9.1 Shellback Certificate (Richard Coffey Jr)
Certificate for crossing the equator for the first time - becoming a shellback. March 9, 1944. Richard Coffey Jr. CA-70.  Crew.
2016.4.1 Equator Crossing Ceremony
Equator Crossing Ceremony. 4/23/1967. Shellback. CAG 2.  
2016.2.34 James A. Franco
Drawing of James A. Franco. WT 3c. Crew. CA 70.  
2016.2.3 USS Canberra Press News (1944)
2016.8.1 Torpedo Hitting USS Houston
USS Houston.  Japanese aerial torpedo hits the ship's starboard quarter, during the afternoon of 16 October 1944. This view shows burning fuel at the base of the torpedo explosion's water column. Houston had been torpedoed amidships on 14 October, while off Formosa, and was under tow by USS Pawnee (ATF 74) when enemy torpedo planes hit her again. USS Canberra (CA 70), also torpedoed off Formosa, is under tow in the distance. The original photograph is in the USS Santa Fe (CL 60) "Log", a very large photo album held by the Navy Department Library. Official U.S. Navy Photograph, from the collections of the Naval Historical Center #NH 98826. (public domain)
2016.7.1 Japanese Torpedo Bomber Goes Down In Flames
A Japanese torpedo bomber goes down in flames after a direct hit by 5-inch shells from the aircraft carrier USS Yorktown, on October 25, 1944.
2016.6.3 Aichi D3A1 Japanese Dive Bomber
Aichi D3A1 Japanese Dive Bomber from carier Akagi
2016.6.2 Type 91 Japanese Aerial Torpedo
Type 91 Kai 2 torpedoes on Imperial Japanese Navy aircraft carrier Akagi flight deck. The carrier is at Hitokappu Bay in the Kuriles just prior to departing for the attack on Pearl Harbor. The carrier in the background is Hiryū.
2016.2.32 Anti-Aircraft Fire, Unknown Ship
Unknown ships with anti-aircraft guns firing.
2016.2.31 USS Canberra with Task Force 38
Photo # 80-G-284472 Uss Canberra operating with Task Force 38. 10 October 1944. CA-70
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