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2017.4.1 James Franco Service Certificate
James Franco Service Certificate. 1944? CA-70. Crew.
2016.2.258 View of Damage Starboard Side
View looking forward of damage sustained from torpedo hit - starboard side fram 100 - abreast no.4 fireroom. CA-70.
2016.2.342 USS Canberra in Manus Drydock
Photo Number 80-G-304088. USS Claxton, USS Canberra, USS Killen in dry dock at Manus 12-25-44. CA-70.
2016.2.111 John Hill
John Hill. CA-70. Crew.
2016.2.110 Robert Boblick
Robert Boblick. CA-70. Crew.
2016.2.106 Jack Mushlin
Jack Mushlin. CA-70. Crew.
2016.2.105 Frank Denoia
Frank Denoia. CA-70. Crew.
2016.2.103 Virgil Ligrisse
Virgil Ligrisse. CA-70. Crew.
2016.2.102 Robert Clarke
Robert Clarke. CA-70. Crew.
2016.2.92 Herbert Miller
Herbert Miller. CA-70. Crew.
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